vineri, 9 aprilie 2010

Coolest 2 'events' of the week :)

1. One that has happened today.
2. One that will happen tomorrow.

1. Chinese aren't allowed to use Facebook nor are they allowed to use Youtube (I know, sad) but a friend of mine told me about their own Youtube, namely Youku. And I wanted to watch some videos. The main video was this:

I have no idea why they were fighting since that gal is talking sooo fast. I remained dissapointed when I saw that I can't understand a thing.

But today a miracle happened! :P As I was waiting for a tram, 2 chinese guys stood exactly behind me. They were talking, and talking, and talking and I couldn't understand a thing. I was about to quit listening when I heard 红 hong, which means red, and 漂亮 piaoliang, which means beautiful. Since I'm redheaded, I had a feeling they might be talking about me but wasn't sure so I turned to look at them.

They were both looking at me and smiling and I instantly started laughing out loud and then rolling of the floor laughing (South Park S14E04 reference!). I was shocked that I could understand something and that they were talking about me, but I didn't quite want to talk in Chinese. However, I wanted to let them know I know a bit of Chinese. When one of them asked me 'How are you?' in Romanian, I started laughing even harder and took out my Chinese book. YOU CAN'T IMAGINE THE LOOK ON THEIR FACES!! :)) They were completely shocked and who knows what else they were saying about me that I wasn't supposed to hear and maybe they thought I had understood everything even though i had understood only 'red' and 'beautiful' haha!! They were shocked, I was laughing and while I started telling them in Chinese that I'm a student at the foreign language university and that this is my first year of Chinese, they didn't say a word, they were just listening and looking intensely at me. One of them asked me something back in Chinese but I couldn't understand and as I were in a hurry to catch the tram, I just told them that I'm sorry I can't talk anymore and nice to meet them, of course in Chinese.

What were the chances of them being in Romania, liking a girl on the street, saying something about her and the girl knowing Chinese?! HAHA.

I'm sorry I was laughing so hard 'cause I could've talked more and better but I just couldn't believe it!

Chinese is fun!

2. The event which is going to take place tomorrow is OK Corral presents Music @ Post-Cochet 8hrs DJ Set (ex Embryo club, Ion Oteleseanu Street No. 3)

You can listen to one of their mixes here: OK Corral - Persona Grata.

The entrance is just 10 RON, the club is nice, the music will be a sort of joyful nufunk and the DJs are going to experiment a bit! Come and see what's in their sleeves :P

I'll be waiting for you all there, as it's the last time I'm going out until the 1st of May.

Cheers everyone and 再见

joi, 25 martie 2010


Saturday I went to see The Model at the Transformars Event in the Base Shop disguised as a club and I actually had a lot of fun but that's not the fail. The fail was how a guy... well, I don't think he was trying to hit on me, but I actually still have no idea what he wanted from me.

So this guy comes up to me and asks me if I like games. I tell him no, even though I LOVE GAMES. He said that he was going to ask me 5 questions and that I need to answer wrongly. At first, I didn't hear the last part so I answered correctly to the first question 'What cigarettes are you smoking?'. He then emphasized that I need to answer wrongly. I had finally heard & understood what he meant, since he was pretty drunk, and quickly changed my answer. The second question was 'What's your name?'. I answered Ioana and he started laughing and telling me that he knows that's not my name. Hah, genious, wasn't he? He then asked me the 3rd and the 4th questions, same shit, and the last one was 'How many questions have I asked you?'. And I answered 4.

At that moment he told me 'You lost, haha. I asked you 5 questions.' and he left.

What's up with that?! People don't kno' how to play anymo'. Try some DOTA or something serious with rules'n'shit cause boy oh boy, if games and gamers lose their logic...

If he had come straight up to me and said 'i am chuffed to bits by your ba donka donk' it would have been a lot more likely for me to enjoy the conversation. At least I would have had the certainty he knew who Hugh Laurie was :P

miercuri, 17 martie 2010

Why does this happen to me?

I am still not able of talking freely in front of people. Don't get me wrong i like socializing and I can befriend someone easily but only if I'm surrounded by 5-6 persons who can hear me or less - which means clubbing isn't a problem :P

The thing that most people who don't have such a problem don't understand is that the reactions I get before a presentation or whatever is completely involuntary.

For instance, even in my Chinese classes, where I already know all the people for at leat 5 months and I already took a 9 in my exam - so I usually know the correct answers - I still get those reactions. They consist of shivering, extremely fast heart beating & mouth dryness. Thus, when I start talking, I usually stagger.

Therefor, I usually don't answer unless I'm asked to. When I'm asked, even though I hate the state I get into, I feel obliged to answer so that people won't think I'm stupid :P. However, when I do feel the need of pointing something out and I summarize a bit in my head the ideas I'm going to talk on, just knowing that I am going to be heard and listened to by 30 persons or so I get in that state and I usually end up by... not saying anything at all.


Considering all these, I might've chosen the most inappropiate of languages: a tonal one. Given that I cannot talk properly and fluently in front of people in Romanian or English, how could I possibly manage to pull that off with Chinese, where 'ping' means like 15 different stuff, all depending on how you pronounce it?! Besides all those things that change fiziologically, I must also concentrate on tones. On the other hand, Chinese might help me overcome this in time. Since I like it a lot, I surely hope it will be the second case.

And yes, alcohol does help but I can't just start drinking on a daily basis now, can I? :P Along with that may come other problems.

Any advice from someone who had this fear and overcame it already? I don't need any advice from people who are born to speak in public, that's my mother and my brother's role :P!

By the way, yesterday was my mom's bday so HaPPy bDAY MoM!

luni, 15 martie 2010

New Lady Gaga video banned on TV

'See? I told you she didn't have a dick.'

PS: What's up with so many advertisements on YouTube?! They're enough on TV :)

sâmbătă, 13 martie 2010

How do you like me now?

I’m pretty sure some of you won’t agree of this post, but you’re free to share your opinions.

Before I got my period, someone told me 2 things I wasn’t allowed to do while menstruating. First one was 'don’t get wet' and the second one 'you aren’t allowed to go into a church'. As I was quite small, I thought the first one was related to something biologically, like you’re going to get stuff if you get into water – not understanding that the person was talking about swimming pools. However, I was sure women showered during that period :)).

But what intrigued me and actually intrigues me now even more is the second advice. Why wouldn’t I be allowed to go into a church? Not that I’m that religious, I’m on Darwin’s side on this one, but still why aren’t you allowed? A person told me that it’s a sin. WHY?! Apparently you’re not ‘clean’ if you’re menstruating. But didn’t, so they say, God make us all? Why would he not agree with us, women, if he made us? It doesn’t make any sense, Darwin’s more logical than that.


Levitic: „De va avea femeia curgere de sânge, care curge din trupul său, trebuie să stea şapte zile pentru curăţirea sa… Dacă femeii îi va curge sânge mai multe zile şi nu în timpul regulii ei, sau dacă ea are curgere mai mult decât timpul regulii ei obişnuite, atunci în tot timpul curgerii necurăţiei ei va fi necurată, ca şi în timpul regulii ei.”

Sf. Atanasie cel Mare este mai îngăduitor şi consideră scurgerile cele fireşti ca neavând nici un fel de păcat şi nici un fel de necurăţie, iar concepţiile că aceste scurgeri ar fi păcătoase şi depărtarea de biserică pe seama lor, le pune pe seama diavolului.
Well that’s more like it.

There are more problems with religious stuff, like why do babies get born with all sorts of diseases? It’s not as if they’re sinful at 2 months old. But I’m done talking about this. It bores me a bit. Anyhow, I haven’t been into a church since I fainted in one, like 6 or 7 years ago.

(c) The religious quotes were taken from here.

Look what I’ve found – well, not me… but I am the one sharing it with you so anyways:

You should definitely hear more from these guys - The Heavy - I’m sure you're going to agree. David Letterman himself asked for a bis.

These 2 Happy Fish Productions make me laugh so hard each time I see them, so you should really check them out:

Avatarul dupa Oscar - Avatar after the Oscar Awards

Turbo cana 500 - Turbo cup 500

Until I find Laura Marling - Is a Hope, I'll let you enjoy the following song:

Did I mention how much I hate this weather?! I haven't gotten sick all winter and now, in March, I'm feeling awful. I have no idea how snowdrops got out. I detest it. I really do, in its true meaning. I surely hope it won't be snowy until May, as a friend told me...

PS: For those of you who searched ‘how can I see the Red Cliff movie for free’ [‘cum pot sa vad filmul Red Cliff gratis’] just try torrents. Great choice btw!

PPS: For those of you who searched 'Chinese models paintings' [‘modele chinezesti picturi’] sorry you had to find my amateurish paintings :P.

And as a closing quote: 'wanting to know an author because you like his work is like wanting to know a duck because you like pate.' or, as my brother put it 'wanting to fuck an author because you like his work is like wanting to fuck a duck because you like pate'.


duminică, 28 februarie 2010

Insights into Chinese Language

I've recently found a forum about the Chinese language and by far the most interesting topic was the one regarding how foreigners managed to use Chinese in China.

As you already know, and if you don't you should know, Chinese is a tonal language, which means that they talk on 4 different tones. So... the same syllable has between 3 and 12 different meanings. For example, ma could mean mom, horse, ant, to scold someone and some final particles, depending on how you say it. Thus, the pronounciation is very important.

One of the stories on that forum was that a guy went to the cafeteria and asked for 女肉 nu rou (woman meat) instead of 牛肉 niu rou (beef). Apparently the cafeteria guy didn't understand what he had asked for and acted quite weird. The poor guy went home confused and looked it up, to his amusement.

Another one was about a guy who started dating a Chinese girl and while they were at home, he wanted to tell her to sit down 坐 zuo but instead he told her to 走 zou (to leave). He couldn't understand why she instantly wanted to leave :)).

There were a lot more stories, I had a good laugh. However, it sort of freaked me out about the whole studying in China prospect. I mean there was one guy who mistook a word for a sexual one in front of the whole university while he was giving a speech; of course everyone laughed really hard and he had no idea what had just happened. It's not hard to make mistakes like that, considering that 性 xing means sex and 行 xing means OK :P.

Although I've been studying Chinese for just 5 months, I have a funny story too. At one Chinese course, the conversation between me and Miss Liu was something like:

Liu 老师:你的发音很好。
Liu Laoshi: Ni de fayin hen hao.
Miss Liu: Your pronounciation is very good.

Wo: Wo bu zhidao fayu.
Me: But I don't speak French.

Of course, this happened when I was a novice :P. I don't mistake fayin for fayu anymore but I do have problems at times with 法语 fayu (French) and 语法 yufa (grammar). As you can see, same syllables, same pronounciation, same characters, just the order is inversed.

I think I'll always be amazed of how Chinese works :P. It's just too different from the other languages not to be into it.

Btw, this is how one of my notes looks like:

PS: Last night's party was fun :P.


vineri, 19 februarie 2010


Since I stopped playing DOTA and poker or any life consuming games I might have become quite productive. In the past month, besides getting pretty high marks in my exams (10, 9, 9, 8, 7, 7, x) I've finished watching 4 TV series (scrubs, glee, it's always sunny in philadelphia and modern family), went to around 4 parties, read 3 books and seen some movies.

Scrubs isn't that funny. The jokes are good, but the script is quite badly written because it only made me do "hmph, that was a good one" and not get a proper laugh. However, it gave me an insight into the way hospitals - not in Romania though - work.

Glee isn't my type either. It's... well, it's a musical and takes place in a highschool. I always liked watching highschool-related movies/series because I wanted to know how that particular period is lived in other parts of the world. However, I only watched it for that.

Gasca, the only guy I know who likes The Office <3, told me about a series which was supposed to be funny, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I had read some comments on IMDb about it and one person said that it's "Seinfeld on crack". So obviously I immediately downloaded it. Too bad... it's not. I mean, it's not even close to Seinfeld's humour. Nor is it to any other humour. It was dry and God knows I love dry humour but I didn't like this series. It just didn't click to me. At times, I might've caught some good jokes but all in all it's not worth it. Charlie is a fake copy of George and sadly, I didn't find Danny de Vito funny. And yes, I've seen all 5 seasons.

I found out about Modern Family when it was nominated at Golden Globe and decided to give it a try. It features the actor who played Al Bundy in Married with Children, who got kinda old. I watched it with my mother and neither of us found it funny. Again, some good jokes at times but all in all it's kinda dull.

HOWEVER, I have read an exceptional book, 1984 by George Orwell. My gosh was it good! It's written in 1949 but the action takes place in 1984 and it's about a totalitarian political system, mainly about communism. It's made up of 3 parts; the first one presents the main character, who hates the system and whose actions and thoughts are completely parallel because he could go to jail at any moment, the second part presents his 'love' story with a young girl who also hated the system and the third part tells the story of how they got caught and what happened to them. It is oficially the only book that gave me the shivers while I read it. You just have to read it for yourself to know what I mean. The guys who thought up the TV show Big Brother got their idea from this book, btw.

I have also seen a really great Chinese movie, Chibi 赤壁 - Red Cliff, which tells the story of the 3 kingdoms' war. I usually don't like action movies, but this one was so well written and the procentage between the war parts and the way they planned the fight is so good that I love it. Too bad that 10 minutes before the end of the movie I realized there must be a second part because the final war hadn't taken place yet and, as a matter of fact, I was right. I finally downloaded the second part, 赤壁下, but hadn't had the time to watch it. It's becoming harder to watch a Chinese movie properly, as I had 2 subtitles - one in English and one in Chinese - and I was paying attention to both of them - one for the actual meaning and one for the Chinese characters - and I also paid attention to their pronounciation and the actual movie :))). I had to go back a lot, when I kept looking at the characters and didn't get anything of the action. Fun, nonetheless.

Anyway, these were the reviews for today. Meanwhile I have started school and my Chinese teacher taught us the new Chinese lesson in... Chinese. It was a bit of a shock for us, soon it became interesting and then tiring which led to my lost of wallet, which I still haven't find. I didn't lose much - my ID, my ING Card and my Student Card, but for what I lost I have to wander about a lot. I didn't lose it just because of the Chinese course of course, I was also up since 4 o'clock so yeah...

My mom got in the hospital, she had an operation and I must say that Romanian hospitals are shit. Honestly. She had to buy everything, even medical tubes, nevermind the medicines. Also the staff are so insensate, so cold-blooded, it's like the patients aren't people. It was definitely nothing like what I've seen in Scrubs. Yes, I know, they were always this way just that I haven't gone to one for a long time. I also realized that I never had an operation, nor have I had a broken bone. It is going to be awful when I will, since I'm definitely not used to it. Well, let's just hope that my mom is going to be ok, since she still has to stay there for a week. Btw, my mom's problem appeared mainly because of smoking and she hasn't smoked ever! Just me, my father, my brother and his girlfriend smoked and my mom smoked only passively. So when she comes back we won't be smoking in our house anymore and most likely we won't smoke at all. Sucks.

Tomorrow is the final day of Nights Awards voting, so do go on to http://awards/ and vote for Vania as the Best DJ. He was nominated at a lot of categories like: Best DJ, Best Musical Production with OK Corral - pink shue, Best Underground Musical Project with OK Corral, Best DJ Set with OK Corral @ Selectro, Expirat, Most Representative DJ in Foreign Countries with OK Corral, Best Party Brand with Groove++, Best Clubbing Radio Show with Nightgroove with Vania @ PRO FM Dance and Best Flyer with Shades of Grey. Good luck, Vania, Modelu, Thornado, Victor Stancov, Silas and Gojira!

If you're willing to party tonight come to The Ark, preferably dressed as a seaperson - seaman is mysoginistic, of course :P. It's the "Yacht Week Romania Release Party" and the music will be provided by Mike Rigler, French Cuisine and OK Corral! See you there!

luni, 1 februarie 2010


So I had my first 6 exams, I've got just 1 exam left. Happy happy, joy joy! :)

First one was English Texts - a typical english exam: translations, exercises, idioms, etc. Fun. Second one was the Linguistic Concepts exam which kinda sucked magically. Before my third exam I went to a little party at Fabrica, had a bit of fun. Third one was Chinese Language Structure, which I actually enjoyed - it's Chinese related, of course I enjoyed it. I really think I've done well.

4th was *druuums* CHINESE! Both written and oral where I got an average of 9 <3. For the first time I answered really well in my oral exam. Miss Liu is a sweetheart and I didn't feel awkward at all. Of course, though, I got the most horrible subject "Please describe your major". You just didn't have what to talk about... Anyways, the 5th exam was Chinese Civilisation which was okey but I wasn't in the mood to study that much, as I only had one day between my 4th and 5th exam and because I also had to write a 7-page essay. However, I managed well enough, I think I'm gonna pass.

Saturday I went to another party, at Studio Martin - A guy named Gerald, which was fun. Yea, I love going to parties between exams. Remember the weekend between the BAC exams? Gosh, that was fun indeed :D. It sort of relaxes me, although yesterday I did have a massive hangover *blush*.

And *drums* today I had my British Literature exam for which I did not study at all. I had to read quite a number of books and this semester I have focused more on Chinese - of course. As always, I had read 3 books but the test included none of them :)). Oh well, hope I'll get a 5. Btw, I couldn't cheat at all, gosh, it was prison-like. And I'm kind of upset that after I left the exam amfitheatre, I remembered that I could have written something really cool and on the subject but during the whole exam I was completely tired and out of my mind. I mean, I wrote 'dissappear' instead of 'disappear' god damn it! I didn't quite give a rat's ass about this exam so why worry?

You're not a student if you pass all your exams, righhht? :))

The only reason I'm mad about myself is that I really like English and although I don't like literature that much, if I had spent a bit more time reading or studying I could have done a hell of a work. Oh well, maybe next time :).

I still have one exam left but thank God it's in 5 days.

Although Saturday was quite fun, music, drinks and all, what's the problem with chicks going clubbing?! I mean honestly, why do men have to apologize if they barely hit me and chicks hurry and hit me all the time? Firstly, why hurry in a club? Secondly, why not be more gentle as a girl? I also hate girls that like to stand in the middle of a dance ring and get really angry if you hit them while dancing. Why stand? Why not take a seat if you're not in the mood for dancing? And I also hate girls that dance as if they're on Love Pill and shout from every last body part OH FUCK ME, DO FUCK ME! Why not get a room and fuck all you want instead of coming and acting all hormonally in a club while flirting with 3 different guys at once? It's easier if you get a room, ya know..? :>

I'm off to watching Scrubs again. During this exam session Scrubs has been my closest companion as it's really cold and I'm in no mood whatsoever to go out.


marți, 19 ianuarie 2010

Exam.s. 'n' Elec Tronik Kartell @ Fabrica

I had my first exam yesterday - well actually the first one was English, but that one doesn't quite count. So, yesterday I had my first exam in 'Linguistics Concepts' which is actually an interesting subject, but since I HATE exams... It sucked. I had studied constantly for 2 days to be able to answer to only 3 out of 5 questions - mainly because the last 2 subjects were from the last 2 lectures which I didn't have :). Thursday I have another exam and almost the same amount of lessons to study, in the same amount of time - 2 days. It sucks.

Besides the fact that I am so stressed out for these exams, it started snowing again.... WHY GOD WHY?

Here are some jokes that made me crawl out of the stress zone for a tad:

An ugly man walks into his local pub with a big grin on his face. "What are you so happy about?" Asks the barman. "Well, I'll tell you," replies the ugly man. "You know, I live by the railway. Well, on my way home last night, I noticed a young woman tied to the tracks, like in the movies. I, of course, went and cut free and took her back to my place. Anyway, to make a long story short, I scored big time! We made love all night, all over the house. We did everything, me on top, sometimes her on top, every position imaginable!" "Fantastic!" exclaimed the barman. "You lucky guy. Was she pretty?" "Don't know...Never found the head".
(c) Home Bank :D

A Czech goes to the ophthalmologist who shows him a card with the letters: C Z W X N Q S T A C Z "Can you read this?" he asks. "Read?!" the Czech replies: "I even know the guy!"
(c) Home Bank :D

Anyway, a good friend of mine showed me a song which also lightened my day and I want to share it with you :P.

Even though sometimes it's a pain in the ass, I like having a detachable penis. :)))

PS: Even though it's exam session for most of us, for those of you who'll wanna chill out - actually party up :D - for a couple of hours come to Elec Tronik Kartell @ Fabrica with Ok Corral, The Model and Victor Stancov on the 23rd of January.

Check out the spot.

PS: I would study so much more if I had one of these:


miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

Nationality disorder

I tried taking one of those useless Facebook tests, out of boredom - the inner nationality test - for 5 times. I got an error each time. I started thinking and I might know the answer.

I like British humour & music, Chinese language, Turkish nargile, people & seaside, Greek dancers, Japanese, Korean, French & Mexican movies, USA's history & Constitution, Chinese & Indian cookery, The Netherlands' Red Light District & open-mindedness, Egypt & Tunis' deserts & pyramids, British, French & German school systems & museums but nothing seems to cross my mind about Romania. I'm sure though there is something I like considering that I wouldn't move to another country. Perhaps it's just family related but still.

Anyways, I get it now why Facebook "errored" me. I'm just inner nationality-less.

PS: For those of you who have seen James Cameron's Avatar take a look here.
PPS: What crackheads can do...