duminică, 3 mai 2009

Aye bloody capt'n !

So basically in the last episode of South park [season 13, episode 7, Fatbeard], Cartman decides to move from his little boring city and become a pirate in Somalia. I won't give away the whole episode however i feel the need to share with you one joke. When they arrived on the island, some somalian pirates stole the kids for ransom and went to find someone to buy them on the ocean. They met an UN french boat, and after they gave the pirates the ransom, they took the kids on boat. On the boat, Cartman tried to put his foot down with a real sword, so that the french will understand that that boat belongs to them now. The french didn't pay any attention to Cartman, but when another kid threatened them with a lightsaber they got really scared :)). Funny, eh?

By the way, do you like fish sticks?

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